COVID-19 Information

What is the Coronavirus?
Coronavirus is a novel virus that causes a variety of symptoms – ranging from mild to severe. Viruses often change and mutate over time, leading to different strains. Evolving strains of COVID-19 may produce different symptoms. If you have questions about the virus and available immunization options, please talk with your primary care provider.

 – Norton KDH Convenient Care Center (445 Clifty Drive):
If you need to be tested for COVID-19, contact your provider’s office or use the link for the Convenient Care Center in Madison. You will need to register for an appointment at the Convenient Care Center and be seen by a medical provider. Free testing is no longer available through the State of Indiana.

COVID-19 Test Pricing (for Convenient Care patients)
Insured patients: $155.00
Note: Most insurance plans cover COVID-19 testing; please check your individual coverage. Uninsured patients (no insurance): 30-percent (30%) discount.

FREE Home-Based COVID-19 Testing Kits
Free home-based COVID-19 testing kits are available through the Jefferson County Indiana Health Department, 715 Green Road, Madison. Patients with symptoms are asked to call the health department before arrival so that the testing kits may be brought your vehicle. Call (812) 273-1942.

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