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Sports medicine at Norton King’s Daughters’ Health encompasses a wide range of care – including orthopedic providers, physical therapists and athletic trainers. Most sports-related injuries are minor and can be treated effectively with rest, therapy and supportive bracing. More serious injuries to an athlete’s bones or joints may require additional intervention. The orthopedic specialists at Norton KDH will help you or the athlete in your house safely return to action as quickly as possible.

Common sports injuries

Some of the most common sports and activity-related injuries include …

  • Rotator cuff (shoulder)
  • Knee ligaments (ACL/and others)
  • Knee cartilage (meniscus)
  • Ankle ligaments (sprains and tears)
  • Achilles tendon
  • Fractures
  • Concussions

The orthopedic specialists at Norton King’s Daughters’ Health provide a comprehensive approach to these types of injuries. Interventions include rest, bracing, therapy and surgery, depending on the type and severity of the injury. All joints are susceptible to ligament and tendon injuries, including ankles, wrists, thumbs and elbows. Athletes may also be bothered by pain or injuries to their feet, including fractures and ligament damage. If you have chronic, acute, or recurring pain or discomfort during athletic activities, schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic specialists.

Therapy services

Physical therapy is often an important part of your successful recovery from a sports-related injury. Your orthopedic surgeon/specialist may refer you for therapy once your injury begins to heal (or has completed the healing process). Therapists help you regain strength and mobility. For additional information about specific therapy services, visit our Rehabilitation Center or call (812) 801-0545.

Norton KDH Athletic Trainers at local high schools

Norton King’s Daughters’ Health provides Athletic Training services to all three high schools in Jefferson County, Indiana (Madison Consolidated, Southwestern, Shawe Memorial). Most student-athletes are familiar with our Athletic Trainers, who provide a wide range of care at the schools and also attend a variety of sporting events at all three campuses. If a student is injured while practicing or playing, the attending ATC will evaluate the injury and provide an appropriate treatment plan and/or refer the athlete to one of our orthopedic providers. Athletic trainers also evaluate student athletes for concussions should an impact occur during practice or a game.

Arthroscopic surgery

Sometimes ligaments and tendons in the knee, shoulder or ankle can tear as the result of an athletic injury. Often, these types of tears (including ACL tears in the knee) require surgical intervention. Today, the majority of these procedures are completed using an arthroscopic approach that requires only a pair of small incisions. This type of procedure reduces pain and speeds recovery.

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