Main Campus Medical Building

The Main Campus Medical Building on the hospital’s campus features a variety of health provides, including specialists in Ear-Nose-Throat, General Surgery, OB/GYN, Orthopedics and Pediatrics. Providers listen to your individual needs and concerns with a focus on patient-centered care. Providers also offer one-on-one education so that you can understand your overall health and wellness.

Finding a Primary Care Provider
If you need help finding a primary care provider call our New Patient Line: (812) 801-8995

Providers / Contact Information


Norton Heart & Vascular Institute(812) 801-0856


Jonathan Hanson, M.D.(812) 801-0820
Kelsey Goodin, APRN(812) 801-0820

Family Medicine

Steven Vorhies, M.D.(812) 801-0827
Kayla Meister, APRN(812) 801-0865

General Surgery

Madalyn Doublett, D.O.(812) 801-0840
Matthew Golden, M.D.(812) 801-0840
David Schumacher, M.D.(812) 801-0840

Internal Medicine

George Alcorn, M.D.(812) 801-0828
Thomas Eckert, M.D.(812) 801-0832
Michael Guirguis, M.D.(812) 801-0826


Kelli Hertz, M.D.(812) 801-0856
Jennifer Roney, M.D.(812) 801-0856
Natalie Hill, APRN(812) 801-0856


Kenneth MacKinlay, M.D.(812) 801-0848
Nathan Polley, M.D.(812) 801-0848
Joshua Wu, M.D.(812) 801-0848
Stephanie Copeland, APRN(812) 801-0848
Jennifer Nay, APRN(812) 801-0848


Diamond Harris, M.D.(812) 801-0300
Matthew McRoberts, M.D.(812) 801-0300
Susan Berns, APRN(812) 801-0300

Sleep Medicine

Scott Frede, M.D.(812) 427-9564


Samuel Watkins, M.D.(812) 801-0894

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