Safe Haven Baby Box

Safe Haven Crisis Line

The Safe Haven Baby Box is located at the EMS facility of Norton King’s Daughters’ Health in downtown Madison, Indiana. The box is located along 4th Street and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Safe Haven Baby Boxes are completely anonymous.

Moms or parents in crises are encouraged to call the Safe Haven Crisis Line:
Safe Haven Crisis Line: 1-866-99BABY1 (1-866-992-2291)

Safe Haven Baby Boxes provide an option for parents who believe they do not have the ability to care for a newborn or who may be under undo stress. Under the Safe Haven law, parents of a newborn may relinquish their unharmed infant to the staff at a Safe Haven location while remaining anonymous – even while it is recognized that establishing a traditional adoption plan through a private or public adoption agency or choosing to parent the child is a preferable option rather than abandonment or relinquishment.

Once an infant is placed in the Baby Box, qualified medical personnel conduct a physical examination and provide any needed assistance. Once this assessment is completed, the newborn is transferred to the Department of Child Services.

An unwanted pregnancy can be a traumatic experience. New moms (parents) may have overwhelming feelings of isolation, fear or shame that could lead to irrational thoughts or actions, such as unsafely abandoning a baby.

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