Dr. Paul Rosenberg loves giving back as a volunteer

Following a distinguished 31-year career as an orthopedic surgeon with King’s Daughters’ Health, Dr. Paul Rosenberg retired with a few goals in mind.  One of those goals: volunteering at least one day a week for the organization he served as a physician.

Put a checkmark in the box.  Mission accomplished.

“I enjoy working with people,” Dr. Rosenberg said about his current volunteer role in Nutrition Services.  “They are a lot of fun.  Sometimes, I can be an ear for someone.  I’ve known some of the employees for quite a while.”

While his duties vary from week to week, he enjoys the fact that Wednesdays often serve as Grill Day in the kitchen –featuring hamburgers and chicken for employees, patients and guests.  Dr. Rosenberg is happy to pick up his spatula and flip away before completing his morning.

“The team loves Dr. Rosenberg,” said Sierra Rogers, Director of Nutrition Services at Norton King’s Daughters’ Health.  “They enjoy having conversations with him, and they enjoy having him on Grill Day when he’s in the cafeteria – especially with him cooking at the grill.”

On any given Wednesday, Dr. Rosenberg said he might help prepare bacon on cooking trays, fill beverage machines, ensure that chips and other grab-and-go items are ready, or even prepare a variety of salads.

“He works side-by-side with everyone and is happy to do whatever is needed,” Sierra said. “It demonstrates his giving nature.”

Beyond his volunteer role with Norton KDH, Dr. Rosenberg also spends time driving veterans to medical appointments and helping take care of this 98-year-old mother, who resides in an assisted living facility in Louisville.

He also loves to ski and travel, especially with friends.  In fact, he and his group, which includes Drs. Pat and Sue Stack, fellow retired physicians from his days with King’s Daughters’ Health, developed a Bucket List of places to visit.  Over the next few years, the team will visit Greece and Turkey, along with New Zealand, Australia and South America.

“We love traveling and want to go while our health is still good,” Dr. Rosenberg said.

Now 67, Dr. Rosenberg keeps in shape for his adventures by staying active.  In nice weather, he enjoys long walks.  He also regularly works out at home with his bike or elliptical. 

Visiting family is important, too.  His grown children live in California, Colorado and Indiana.

For someone who is retired, Dr. Rosenberg keeps himself busy.  He began his volunteer career with the Infection Control team and eventually helped with the Emergency Department and Medical Imaging before mandatory breaks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With those challenges behind him, he loves his new role in Nutrition Services.

“I look forward to being here,” Dr. Rosenberg said. “There’s always a lot going on.”

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