Home Health & Hospice Team

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We have an exceptional team of registered nurses, therapists and staff members who are committed to excellent care and service.

Team MemberRole with Home Health & Hospice
Rachel AldermanRegistered Nurse (RN)
Belinda AndersonOffice Coordinator
Amy AsdellSocial Worker (SW) – Hospice
Cathy BearmanOffice Staff
Julie BuchananPhysical Therapy (PT)
Amberly CashRegistered Nurse (RN)
Stevani ClubbRegistered Nurse (RN)
Teresa CoyOffice Staff, Auditing
Noel Block DeanRegistered Nurse (RN) – Hospice
Tammy EigelRegistered Nurse (RN)
Paula McClureHospice Aide
Julie PattisonOccupational Therapy (OT)
Rick RuessPhysical Therapy (PT)
Mark SeibPhysical Therapy Assistant (PTA)
Jamie SmithRegistered Nurse (RN)
Sarah WarrenRegistered Nurse (RN)
Addie TaylorRegistered Nurse (RN

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