Run the Falls 5K

Welcome to our Run the Falls 5K event page. Run the Falls 5K is open to walkers and runners of all ages, recognizing top walkers and runners across a variety of age categories. We are also privileged to host our event inside Clifty Falls State Park, a scenic opportunity located in Madison, Indiana. In 2023, we celebrate our 25th Anniversary. Some photos from our 2023 event are posted below.

Our 2024 Run the Falls 5K is set for Saturday, Sept. 28.
To learn more, contact Heather Foy at (812) 801-0175.

Registration will open a few months before the event. Participants will have the opportunity to pre-order a long-sleeve tech shirt from the event. Proceeds benefit the Norton KDH Girls on the Run program.

Results from our 2023 Event as provided by Stuart Road Racing:

Some photos from our 2023 Run the Falls 5K:

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